Monthly Archives: August 2015

Crosstrain with Yoga – Physical Benefits

Think about those runners you see winning races. What words come up to describe their gait? Smooth. Effortless. Floating. Gliding. Elite athletes are able to find the balance between strength and flexibility in their range of motion. Isn’t that how we want to feel in our bodies when we run? […]

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Run/Walk Personal Safety

No matter the time of year, sometimes we find ourselves running in the dark. Sometimes we run in the early summer mornings to beat the heat. And during the colder months, it is dark by the time our workdays are over and we can lace up our running shoes. Although […]

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Where to Run – The Arboretum

The Arboretum is located on Alumi Drive between Tates Creek Road and Nicholasville Road. Alumni Drive is under heavy construction at this time, but Arboretum is still accessible during the construction. Just pay attention to the cones, be aware of oncoming traffic, and you’ll get in and out just fine. […]

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In the store: Ponya Bands

Ponya bands are one of the newest arrivals in our stores! Judy Beyerle of Louisville dreamed up Ponya bands. They were product tested there and continue to be hand-made in Louisville. Ponya bands were created out of the need to have sweat-wicking and comfortable headbands. Judy noticed that cotton bands […]

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Fun While You Run : Fartleks

As the full heat of summer approaches, sometimes we need something new in our running plan – something different, something unstructured, something fun. Something like Fartleks. Fartlek directly translates into speed play. Fartlek workouts are slow running and fast running combined in the same workout, but not necessarily having specific […]

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