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Training Notes : What is Crosstraining?

In most training plans, you’ll come across a day labeled “crosstraining.” What does this mean? Cross training is any other physical activity that improves running. Cross training is a way to strengthen different muscles than those we use when we run or strengthen the same muscles but using them in […]

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Cross Train with Pilates at John’s Run/Walk Shop Palomar

Pilates is a series of nonimpact exercises designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness. Pilates puts a focus on breath, alignment, and building a stronger core. The class is taught to encourage movement with precision, control, and concentration. Many people of different levels of fitness can feel physical improvements from […]

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New on the Website : JRWS Event Calendar

You know about our Race Calendar, but do you know about our new Event Calendar? All you have to do to get there is click the NEWS/Read More tab from our home page. This link will take you to our News page. You’ll see a list of special events and […]

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Foam Rolling Clinic Announced

A foam roller is a great addition to your running toolbox. Foam rolling is a way to achieve myofascial release in your own home. By finding trigger points and focusing pressure there, you can relax your tight muscles. Over time and with continued use, you can improve soft tissue extension […]

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Crosstrain at L’Escalade Fitness

Have you driven up Broadway – close to the Legends stadium, and wondered what is inside that huge facility? L’Escalade Fitness is located at 916 North Broadway. The facility is a combination of climbing walls and bouldering walls. The site is home to eighty climbing routes and over a hundred […]

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