Foam Rolling Clinic Announced

A foam roller is a great addition to your running toolbox. Foam rolling is a way to achieve myofascial release in your own home. By finding trigger points and focusing pressure there, you can relax your tight muscles. Over time and with continued use, you can improve soft tissue extension […]

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In the store: Ponya Bands

Ponya bands are one of the newest arrivals in our stores! Judy Beyerle of Louisville dreamed up Ponya bands. They were product tested there and continue to be hand-made in Louisville. Ponya bands were created out of the need to have sweat-wicking and comfortable headbands. Judy noticed that cotton bands […]

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In the Store : The Square from Clean Bottle

Infused water has always seemed like a treat to me. I think of infusion pitchers in spas, yoga studios, and hotel lobbies. John’s Run/Walk Shop now carries a bottle in the store that lets you take that feeling wherever you go with the Square Bottle + Fruit Infuser by Clean […]

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squarebottle in store 2


Timex One GPS+ Review

Timex recently introduced what I think could be a game changer in the GPS world. It’s called the One GPS+ and I’ve had a chance to test drive one for the past several days. I have used many models of GPS through the years from Garmin, Nike and Timex. The […]

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Must Have Items for Race Day

I am not sure if it was the teen magazines, or the celebrity gossip magazines I used to read, but one of them used to feature a “Peek inside a celebrity purse/handbag”. I remember enjoying that particular section, as it showed that celebrities are human….what!? Yes, they too have a […]

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