New Running and Walking Groups from The Shops

Some days, it can be hard to motivate ourselves to get outside. It is so early! I’d rather stay on the couch. I had a long day at work. I think there might be a little twinge in my foot (but I know there isn’t). I don’t want to drive […]

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Foam Rolling Clinic Announced

A foam roller is a great addition to your running toolbox. Foam rolling is a way to achieve myofascial release in your own home. By finding trigger points and focusing pressure there, you can relax your tight muscles. Over time and with continued use, you can improve soft tissue extension […]

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Crosstrain at L’Escalade Fitness

Have you driven up Broadway – close to the Legends stadium, and wondered what is inside that huge facility? L’Escalade Fitness is located at 916 North Broadway. The facility is a combination of climbing walls and bouldering walls. The site is home to eighty climbing routes and over a hundred […]

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Run/Walk Road Safety

As much as we need to be aware of threats from people or dogs, we also need to be alert to preventing accidents with vehicles when we run. We are much more vulnerable when our mode of transportation is our feet. Recognizing this vulnerability and respecting the threat of cars […]

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Crosstrain with Yoga – Physical Benefits

Think about those runners you see winning races. What words come up to describe their gait? Smooth. Effortless. Floating. Gliding. Elite athletes are able to find the balance between strength and flexibility in their range of motion. Isn’t that how we want to feel in our bodies when we run? […]

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