Run/Walk Personal Safety

No matter the time of year, sometimes we find ourselves running in the dark. Sometimes we run in the early summer mornings to beat the heat. And during the colder months, it is dark by the time our workdays are over and we can lace up our running shoes. Although […]

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Fun While You Run : Fartleks

As the full heat of summer approaches, sometimes we need something new in our running plan – something different, something unstructured, something fun. Something like Fartleks. Fartlek directly translates into speed play. Fartlek workouts are slow running and fast running combined in the same workout, but not necessarily having specific […]

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Where to Run – Shillito Park

Shillito Park is located on Reynolds Road between Nicholasville Road and Clays Mill. The loop around the park is 2.37 miles. The route is good both for scenery and watching sports. The trail winds through tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, and sometimes kids playing soccer. There are many different […]

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Train with JRWS and the PTA 5K Training Group

Looking to run your first 5K or maybe make a return to running? The PTA5K may be for you. On Sunday, October 18, the 16th District PTA will hold the 5th Annual PTA5K. The race begins and ends at Embassy Suites and is ran on the Legacy Trail. The course […]

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Run with a 5K Training Group

Mike Acord of John’s Run/Walk Shop presented at the Beaumont Branch of the Lexington Public Library. In a little over an hour, he walked participants through the ins and outs of starting to run. Mike taught the group about the importance of wearing the correct shoes and socks for running. […]

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