Crosstrain at L’Escalade Fitness

Have you driven up Broadway – close to the Legends stadium, and wondered what is inside that huge facility?

L’Escalade Fitness is located at 916 North Broadway. The facility is a combination of climbing walls and bouldering walls. The site is home to eighty climbing routes and over a hundred boulder problems. The walls range from 12 to 50 feet and were designed in a collaboration between L’Escalade’s experienced climbing directors, professional route setter Tonde Katiyo, and Walltopia’s design crew. Adam Taylor, the facility’s Head Route Setter, has been featured in Climbing Magazine and Deadpoint Magazine.


The climbing wall courses include both top-rope and lead climbing routes. Top rope climbing is done with a belayer, a partner that stays on the ground to arrest any fall and lower the climber back to the ground. Lead climbing is protected with anchor points from the bottom up, clipping the rope into each point. This type of climbing is for more experienced climbers.

Bouldering is climbing done without a rope and at a relatively low height. The bouldering walls go up to 14 feet 6 inches. Sixteen inch foam pads surround the bottom of every bouldering wall for safe landing. Because of the falls that are involved in bouldering, the facility requires new climbers to take a bouldering orientation to aid in proper falling mechanics.

The facility also offers clinics, classes, and workshops for both fitness and climbing enthusiasts. Classes offered include nutrition, injury prevention, climbing movement skills, strength training for climbers, yoga, lead climbing classes, and Gym to Crag (preparing climbers to transition from climbing in the gym to climbing outdoors). The climbing training and coaching room houses hangboards, cracks, and overhangs. Additional fitness space is used for group fitness classes, personal training sessions, and a cool-down area for climbers.


A First-Time Day Pass is available for $22. This includes a tour/orientation, a choice of belay lesson, and all rental gear. The facility offers rental gear for toddlers to adults. All pricing can be found on the rates page at

L’Escalade Fitness is having their Grand Opening Celebration this Friday and Saturday. From Noon to 4pm both days, the facility will be full of local and climbing vendors. They are hosting their first Setter’s Showdown and will have other competitions and prizes throughout the day.

You can learn more by visiting their website.

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