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A foam roller is a great addition to your running toolbox.

Foam rolling is a way to achieve myofascial release in your own home. By finding trigger points and focusing pressure there, you can relax your tight muscles. Over time and with continued use, you can improve soft tissue extension and help keep the tight muscles more relaxed.

Consistent use of a foam roller is beneficial for the recreational and the competitive runner. You can help prevent injury, improve performance, increase flexibility, and decrease muscle tension. All of these things not only make you a better runner, but can make running more enjoyable and enable your body to better handle the stress of running.

There is a learning curve to using a foam roller. Am I doing this right or am I just rolling around in the floor? Is it supposed to hurt this bad? When do I stop? When do I keep going? How do I find my trigger points?

Jill Cole from the Lexington Healing Arts Academy is leading a Foam Roller Clinic on October 1 at our Palomar Shop. The clinic is free but registration is strongly encouraged. Bring your own foam roller or come by the store before the clinic to purchase one. Click here to sign up to attend:

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