Gotta get a Garmin!

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This time of year is a great time to be a runner. We are dreaming of spring races. We are thinking about training plans and ways to get all of the data we want. And, if we are lucky, we have a family member (or a Christmas bonus) asking what we want for Christmas.

The new Garmins are flying off the shelves here at John’s Run/Walk Shop. Here’s a rundown of the models we carry and how they are different.

garmin 15The first Garmin we carry is the Forerunner 15. It is not only gives stats from your run, but is also an activity tracker. It tracks distance, pace, and calories from your run. During the run or walk, it will alert you each time you complete a mile and what your pace was for each mile. It also announces when you meet a milestone, like your fastest mile or your longest run. When you aren’t tracking an activity with GPS, it continues to track your daily steps and calories burned. If you have been sitting for more than an hour, it will alert you to get some steps. The watch battery will power 8 hours of GPS tracking before needing a charge. If it is kept in activity tracking mode, the battery will last 5 weeks between charges. Both run/walking data and activity tracking data can be saved and viewed on Garmin Connect.


garmin 230The Garmin Forerunner 230 tracks time, distance, and pace from each run or walk. It automatically uploads data to Garmin Connect. It used GPS and GLONASS technology to more accurately track your location. It is precise even in the deep woods and among tall building. The watch allows live tracking, audio prompts, smart notifications, and social media sharing. You can choose which data fields show on the front screen. The device allows for download of different watch faces, widgets, and apps from the Connect IQ store. The 230 is also an activity tracker that counts and provides data on steps, distance, calories, and sleep. It connects with Garmin Connect to view activities, tracking, data, and compare results with friends and family.


garmin 620The Garmin Forerunner 620 is like having a coach around your wrist. The touchscreen has a high resolution color display that shows distance, time, and pace of each activity. The 620 also has a built-in accelerometer so that the additional footpod is not necessary to track indoor running. You can set the watch to categorize different types of runs so that you can compare training runs and races among themselves. The watch has an option for a virtual pacer and a virtual training partner to keep you on track in races and training runs. When used with a heart monitor (not included), you can track VO2Max data, optimum recovery time, and predict your performance in your next race. The 620 also shows and breaks down your data through Garmin Connect.

We have additional colors on the way in both the 15 and 230.

Questions? Stop into either of our stores and we’ll help you pick out the best Garmin for you!



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