Half Marathon Recovery


You trained for months. You ran your half marathon. You had a fantastic race. What’s next?

Take care of your sore muscles. Get a massage. Spend some quality time with your foam roller. Attend a yoga or Pilates class at our Shops. Anything you can do to help your body recover will get you back to comfortable running more quickly. Take this time to rest and rebuild.

Continue to pay attention to what you eat and drink. We watch our intake when we train, but can sometimes go a little overboard once the race is over. Yes, you earned that celebratory trip to Five Guys, but as the days progress after the race, your body needs lots of water and nutrients to rebuild and recover. Keeping well hydrated and eating well will help you get back on the roads sooner.

Keep moving. Sometimes we feel lost without a training plan. But how do we keep it up? For the first week after your race, take it super easy. Spend this time cross-training or taking super slow and easy runs. Three easy workouts of 30-40 minutes each is plenty. For the next few weeks, do a reverse taper. Follow the final taper weeks of your plan but in reverse. Those easy runs the last few days before the race are all you need to do after. For example, if your training plan had you running two 2-milers and a 3-miler on race week, that is what you should repeat the second week after the race. You can find a reverse taper chart here (from Runner’s World).

Stay motivated. Ask yourself what you want to do next. Do you want to train for another half? Would you like to get faster and maybe train for a PR in a 5K or 10K? Are you interested in running longer and maybe start thinking about a marathon? You can find a list of local races on our race calendar – you may find your next race there!

Celebrate! You completed a half marathon! Wear your shirt with pride. Wear your medal around the house. Find a prominent place to display it. And keep an eye out for official race day photos coming soon!

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