In the store: Ponya Bands

ponyaPonya bands are one of the newest arrivals in our stores! Judy Beyerle of Louisville dreamed up Ponya bands. They were product tested there and continue to be hand-made in Louisville.

Ponya bands were created out of the need to have sweat-wicking and comfortable headbands. Judy noticed that cotton bands stayed in place, but they dripped once saturated. She was encouraged by the owner of the specialty running store where she worked to develop a headband that solved her problem.

From a creation standpoint, function is the primary function and fashion is secondary. The headband needed to stay put, not moving no matter what. For comfort, the headband had to be one piece without any pressure points or pinching.

The first Ponya headband created was a combination of bamboo and spandex. The bamboo lining is highly wicking and the spandex outer allows for drying.

The second band created is crushed velvet and spandex. Depending on the direction, one side of the velvet is smooth and the other grabs. The material is inspected at the time of creation and the logo shows which way to wear it. Placing the logo on the left side of your head, the velvet will grab the hair and it will not move.

We have a variety of Ponya bands in both shops. We have bamboo and velvet and in two different sizes.

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