In the Store: Smartwool

If you have been in the stores lately, you’ve seen our newest arrivals: ALL THE SMARTWOOL!

Smartwool has a mission to create better gear so that you can stay out longer and have more fun. Smartwool places high priority on consumer trust, product performance, and sustainability. They prioritize environmental, sociological, and ecological factors in the creation and production of their gear.

The Merino wool used by Smartwool is from Uruguay and New Zealand. It is important to Smartwool that the farmers keep happy sheep, and that the sheep stop in just once a year for a haircut. The naturally and annually renewable wool is then transported to the United States for production. Thus the Smartwool products are made in the USA.

smartwool at JRWS

The naturally porous qualities of Merino wool allow for efficient transfer of moisture in which moisture vapor passes through. It removes moisture before it turns to sweat, so no blisters. The fibers are also appropriate for all four seasons – as it insulates when cold and cools when warm. Merino wool is naturally anti-microbial so the stink can’t breed. Accessories and clothing will need washed less often, which helps you wear them longer and transition between different activities.

smartwool at classic

We carry running and hiking socks from Smartwool at both John’s Run/Walk Shop locations. You’ll also find a variety of beanies, neck gaiters, and gloves – while they last. Our sister store, John’s New Classic Shoes, also have a selection of scarves, hats, and a variety of lifestyle socks – including the swoon-worthy Striped Chevron Socks.

halloween 4 both logosDo you plan on being in costume on Friday evening? Stop by JRWS on South Ashland or Palomar and in our New Classic Shoes store in costume this Friday between 5pm and 7pm and receive 10% off your purchase. We’ll also have candy for you and the little ones. We hope to see you!

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