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Infused water has always seemed like a treat to me. I think of infusion pitchers in spas, yoga studios, and hotel lobbies. John’s Run/Walk Shop now carries a bottle in the store that lets you take that feeling wherever you go with the Square Bottle + Fruit Infuser by Clean Bottle.

We know we need to stay hydrated and that water is good for us. But some of us get bored with just plain water. But what if we are also trying to stay away from artificial flavors and sweeteners? Fruit infusion is a nice answer. Infusion adds taste to water without anything artificial or preservatives. Traditional and herbal teas can also be used in the infusion. The bottle can be refilled several times over the course of the day using the same fruit in the infuser.

I have tried infusion bottles before and always came up missing something. The bottle was usually hard to clean or awkward to drink from or to carry. I thought the best option was having an infusion pitcher in the fridge and filling my favorite water bottle from there. But what about when I’m on the go?

I am very pleased with the New Square bottle from Clean Bottle. Selling points from the manufacturer include:

  • Square shape prevents rolling if dropped.
  • Large handle.
  • Opens from top and bottom for easy cleaning.
  • BPA-free Tritan plastic.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

The bottle is comfortable to carry in hand. It fits in the cup holder in my car and in the water bottle slots in several bags I own. I was excited to use this bottle from the day I brought it home. I was most impressed by the ease of the cleaning. The top and the bottom lids remove. The infuser pulls out easily. It was easy to clean and I felt like I got all of the nooks and crannies.

When flavoring the water, I found there really aren’t a lot of things to consider, just make what you like. A few tips and tricks:

  • Remove rinds from citrus. They will make your water bitter and also prevent the flavors from getting into the water.
  • Go easy on herbs. It is really easy to go overpower your water. And make sure you are using whole-leaf herbs and not dried herbs.
  • Use frozen fruit. You can either buy bagged frozen fruit or freeze your own fruit and herbs in ice trays.
  • Use cold water. Hot water won’t increase the speed of infusion and may limit the flavor.
  • Allow your initial infusion to sit in the fridge overnight.
  • For refills, fill the bottle when it is about half empty. This keeps a nice concentration of flavored water in the bottle.

square bottle has a wide variety of recipes for infused waters. I am especially excited to try the grapefruit + rosemary , strawberries + basil, and honeydew + sage.

I have also just played around with what we had on hand at the house. I have been pleased with lavender tea + lemon, hibiscus tea + blueberries, and watermelon + cucumber + mint.

We sell the fruit infuser + bottle combo and the bottle alone in both locations. The Clean Bottle website sells water filters and infusion pods.


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