John’s Run/Walk Shop Winter Grand Prix

John’s Run/Walk Shop will be hosting a winter race series to keep you motivated to run/walk! It starts with the Southern Lights Stroll and then goes to the Spindletop Stache and Sweater Dash. The next two races are FREE through John’s Run/Walk Shop! The first race, the “Make It” run/walk will be on January 1st. The second race, the “Don’t Break It” run/walk will be on Saturday, February 11th. The final race of the series is the Perfect 10 Miler and 10K. Click the links below to sign up or go to the race calendar on our website to find out more!

Sign up for the races here!

Southern Lights Stroll, Spindletop Stache, Perfect 10 Miler and 10K, “Make It”, “Don’t Break It”


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