John’s Staff Reviews the Saucony Liberty

Introducing the all-new Saucony Liberty ISO! This shoe is a fresh addition to the Saucony lineup, and has been long awaited by staff here at the store.

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Anyone who’s been into the store in the last year has probably heard us gush about the Freedom ISO, Saucony’s previous newest addition.  In the past few years, Saucony has rolled out multiple highly innovative technologies, and the Freedom ISO was the first shoe to take the fullest advantage of all of them. While many people initially balk at the $160 price, almost everyone ends up agreeing that it is worth every penny after feeling the full effect of all the advanced tech.  However, being a neutral shoe, many stability wearers were able to try on the Freedom and feel the tech, but felt somewhat left out of all the fun.  And that’s where the new Liberty ISO comes in!


Like many other Saucony shoes, the Liberty ISO takes advantage of (you guessed it!) their ISOFit technology. This tech is found in the upper of the shoe, and utilizes individualized lace supports that wrap around the foot when the laces are tightened. This tech provides a sock-like, form-fitting fit that keeps your foot appropriately placed in the shoe.

In addition, the Liberty seems to run very true to size when it comes to length. Many runners had to bump up a half size in the Freedom (and let’s be realistic here- if you’re going to have a problem with a shoe, it’s hard to find another problem with such an easy fix) but this problem seems to have been fixed in the Liberty. “Granted, my foot’s on the wider side, but I thought the Freedom felt a little short, and a little narrow,” says founder John Sensenig. “They seem to have fixed both of those issues for the Liberty though!”

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“I just want to go fast when I put this shoe on,” says employee Emma Vogelsang after taking a pair for a spin, while employee Karah Gottschalk called them “super light for a stability shoe.”  With a 4mm offset and weighing in at just 9.7oz, this shoe is very reminiscent of traditional racing shoes.  Where the Liberty deviates from a standard racing shoe however, is in its cushioning.  “GUSHY!” said this year’s Iron Horse 12k’s first place finisher, Dustin Mitchell as his eyes lit up upon trying on the Liberty.  The full-length EVERUN™ midsole indeed provides a high cushion level, while maintaining responsiveness mile after mile.

Employee Bernadette Madigan-Dugan, named a SEC Women’s Legend earlier this year, called the Liberty “fast and flexible, with a twist of stability.”  This is a perfect description, as the Liberty has a small piece of TPU on the medial side to add a little extra guidance.  Our shoe buyer, Riley Marshall, took a whack at describing the Liberty in a nutshell.  “Less guidance than the Guide, but definitely more cushion.  I wouldn’t necessarily compare this to other stability shoes we carry.  It’s different enough that I’m expecting it to fit a customer who traditionally wouldn’t have chosen a stability shoe.  Someone who runs a lot of miles, and just wants a bit more support through those miles.”

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While we haven’t taken this shoe out for a high number of miles yet, almost all of the materials and tech used in this shoe were also used in the Freedom, so we’re confident we can provide an educated estimate.

The TRI-FLEX™ crystal rubber used for the outsole of the Liberty marks the second time we’ve seen this new tech from Saucony.  While we’ll admit we were pretty skeptical about this tech initially, we’ve had to eat our words after seeing it used in the Freedom.  “The outsoles of my Freedoms seem pretty much invincible,” says this year’s Bluegrass 10,000 winner, Zack Beavin. This new form of rubber has held up better than any other shoe we’ve seen in years.  Great traction, great durability.  In addition to the crystal rubber, the Liberty uses the same long-lasting engineered mesh that we’ve seen in the Freedom, as well as the notoriously durable EVERUN™ cushioning found in other Saucony shoes.

Every employee here at the store who’s been running in the Freedoms has gotten at least their normal mileage out of them, and in most cases, more.  We feel confident saying that we expect this to be true of the Liberty as well.

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Liberty ISO Quick Facts:

• Drop: 4mm

• Weight: 9.7oz (Men’s size 9)

• Men’s Sizes: 7-13, 14, 15

• Women’s Sizes: 5-12

• Widths available: Medium

• Supports: Mild overpronation

• Available at John’s Run/Walk Shop on S. Ashland Avenue, and at Palomar Centre.

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