Must Have Items for Race Day

I am not sure if it was the teen magazines, or the celebrity gossip magazines I used to read, but one of them used to feature a “Peek inside a celebrity purse/handbag”. I remember enjoying that particular section, as it showed that celebrities are human….what!? Yes, they too have a wallet in their bag AND some keys *GASP*

In the same way, athletes are humans, even though sometimes they may seem like Superheroes. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to share with you a look into my race day bag. I am very thankful that at most big races, we have our own tent where we can leave our bag, without any concerns of it being taken away to be destroyed.
This will show you everything I have with me on race day (if I am traveling from home/a hotel for the day) to make sure I am ready to go! For Chicago we have to leave our race fuel with the event staff the day before the race, and they will ensure it is out on the course for us. This explains why this is not pictured, nor is my pre race meal.
So here it is, other than being a little better presented, here is exactly what you would find if you dumped out my race day bag:
Racing outfit
Warm up Clothing
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • A T-shirt – if the temperature is too warm for a long sleeve
  • Tights – to wear over racing shorts
Items to prevent issues
  • Tums – upset stomachs are a sure fire way to ruin a race; this helps my stomach calm down
  • Extra Hairtie – you never know when yours may break
  • Vaseline – to put in any spots that have rubbed in the past, or have the potential to rub
  • Deodorant – nobody wants to smell :)
  • Extra socks – in case the socks I am wearing are rubbing/not sitting correctly
  • Change of shoes – if race day shoes rubbed, these are definitely desirable asap!


Recovery items for post race
  • Body Armor Superdrink– for replenishing electrolytes, and quenching thirst
  • FUEL- I ALWAYS have carbohydrates, protein, and fats within 20 minutes of my race (followed by a full meal within 2 hours)
  • Enduropacks Amino Acid Patches – to help my body bounce back
  • Roll Recovery– if any area in particular is hurting, this comes in handy to roll away the knots
  • Clean sports bra- the chills can get you pretty quick if you do not change out of the sweaty one
  • Clean short and long sleeve shirt- depending on the temperature post race
  • Comfortable open shoes – if a blister is angry, these will allow it to breathe
  • Hat- On really sunny days, I tend to get a headache in the few hours after a race from squinting, this has helped on many occasions
  • Water bottle – for pre and post race hydration
Now I have typed that all out, it seems like a lot more than I realized. Maybe I am more of a Diva than I thought I was? Either way, these items are important to my day, and although I have let go of most of my race day rituals (I no longer listen to Fort Minor – Remember the Name as I warm up), I still think most of these items are necessary to make sure I am able to perform to my best on the day.

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