Run with the West Sixth Run/Walk Club

West Sixth Run/Walk Club has been meeting every Tuesday since June 2012.

w61 The official run begins at 6:30 from West Sixth Brewery at 501 West Sixth Street in Lexington. Sign-in starts around 6:00. Parking is available in the parking lot at the brewery along side streets. For the best parking, get there early.


The official routes are 1.5 miles and 3 miles, and directions are provided at the sign-in table. A lot of runners take off and do their own routes at different distances. Don’t just follow someone leaving the brewery and assume you’ll get a specific distance. With so many runners doing their own thing, you really can’t be sure the distance that anyone is running.

You’ll be greeted with a free soft pretzel – and some pretty spicy mustard – at the end of your run. (But note that they run out early.) And lots of runners/walkers stay around and socialize for a while.


West Sixth Run/Walk Club gives prizes for repeat attendees. You’ll earn a tshirt after 5 runs, and additional prizes at 25, 50, and 100 runs.

For additional information, you can find West Sixth Run/Walk Club on Facebook.

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