So you need some shoes…

We see all kinds of customers at John’s Run/Walk Shop. Yes, we see runners and walkers, as our name implies. But nurses, teachers, factory workers, vacationers, and people with foot ailments also come in to see how we can make their feet a little more happy.

Maybe you haven’t been in before and don’t know what to expect. Maybe the idea of having someone watch you feet is a little uncomfortable. Here’s what you need to know about how we fit for shoes.


Before you come in…

Bring your old shoes in. We’ll look at the bottom of your old shoes to see where they are most worn down. That will help us know what part of your foot takes the impact of your stride.

Wear or bring socks that are typical of the socks you will be wearing with the shoe. Some people wear thick socks, some people wear thin socks. And sometimes this can be the difference between a cozy shoe and a super tight shoe. We have socks for you to try on, but the socks you will actually wear with the shoes are best.

(These are just suggestions. If you decide to come in on the fly, we can still figure out your feet!)

Once you get to the Shop…

We will talk to you about how you will use the shoes. Will you walk in them? Work in them? Run/walk in them? Run short distance or long distance?

We will ask you about any injuries or aches and pains. This information will help us get you in the right shoe and recommend inserts if needed.

We will measure your foot. Don’t be surprised if your running shoes are a bigger than the shoes you typically wear. We add extra room so your foot has room to swell and still be comfortable.

We will watch you walk. We’ll watch the angle of your ankle and your footstrike. Your mechanics will help us put you in the right family of shoes.

We will bring out several pairs of shoes for you to try on. Once we figure out what type of shoe is best for you, we’ll bring out options to find the best fit. At this point, it is like finding the best pair of jeans. You’ll walk around in them, notice the differences, and see which you like best.

We will let you make the decision. You are the one that has to wear the shoes. We will guide you through the process, but the choice of shoe is ultimately up to you. We don’t want to sell you a pair of shoes that you will never wear.

This process usually takes 20-30 minutes, but we are willing to work with you as long as necessary to find just the right shoe. You do not need an appointment for a fitting.

We hope to see you in the shop soon!

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