Super Smoothie

For many years a staple of my diet has been the smoothie. For breakfast, post run recovery, mid afternoon snack, and even as a meal it’s hard to beat the ease and convenience of a smoothie. After many years of experimentation I have put together my favorite recipe for my go-to smoothie. Below is my step by step guide.



Half cup of frozen blueberries. This is a good shot of antioxidants which aids in recovery.



Add a few frozen strawberries. Who doesn’t like strawberries? More antioxidants and sweetness.



Half cup of frozen pineapple. More sweetness!



A splash or big spoonful of yogurt. I usually use Kefir milk smoothie or Greek. This adds some protein and fat, both important for post run recovery.



One tablespoon of chia seeds. These get you a host of important nutrients including antioxidants, fiber, protein, various minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids.



One serving of super green powder. This is optional and there are many brands out there. Basically gives you a big dose of antioxidants and some of the nutrients found in leafy green vegetables. Most impart little to no taste if you stick to a tablespoon or so.



Top off with apple juice. Make sure you use the “not from concentrate” variety which contains all the nutrients found in apples. Best versions also contain the “sludge” which isn’t filtered out.

Mix! I’m partial to the Nutribullet┬ábut use what you have. Several seconds should be plenty to get everything churned up.



Enjoy! The main thing I like about this recipe is that it avoids protein powder, which can sometimes affect the taste for the worse, and instead gets a healthy dose of protein from the yogurt and chia seeds. It’s also super easy to prepare even after that 20 miler when you would rather hit the couch.

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