Train with us for the Iron Horse Half Marathon!

Maybe you’ve heard about a local race in October called The Iron Horse Half Marathon.

Maybe you’ve considered it. But where do you start?

What is your running experience? Are you starting from the very first step? Do you run a little here and there?

You can build up to the Iron Horse Half Marathon with a virtual group of us!

IHHM Training long

We have developed a Couch to Iron Horse Half Marathon training plan. If you’ve never ran a step before in your life, you can be ready for a half marathon (that’s thirteen point 1 miles!) in October.

If you are already a runner, you can just jump in when we are at your current distance.

The overview of the plan looks like this:

We will work through Couch to 5K beginning March 7.

We will run the Woodford Wag on May 28 as the 5K graduation race.

Then the training plan will continue. You’ll be ready to run the Bluegrass 10,000 (that’s a 10K) on July 4.

And then you’ll keep going! You will keep following the training plan and be ready for the Iron Horse Half Marathon on October 16!

We are not offering an official in-person training group. However, you’ll have plenty of chances to meet up with other runners and find running buddies if you are Lexington local.

Monday evenings – Group Run at Palomar

Tuesday evenings – West Sixth Running Club

Thursday evenings – Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon Running Group at South Ashland (all are welcome!)

Saturday mornings – John’s Striders, rotating locations

(Some) Sunday afternoons – John’s Striders, rotating locations

You can click here to see the training plan. Be watching on Monday for more explanation on how to read it. On Monday, we will also announce a virtual training group on Facebook to start to meet and encourage each other. Hold your questions for the Facebook group!

Wanting to get a head start? Find space in your week to carve out 30 minutes to walk. See if you can do this 3 times in one week. This pre-running plan will help you get used to moving and help you anticipate how to shift your schedule to fit in the training.

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