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I had a chance recently to visit the University of Kentucky BioMotion Lab, sometimes referred to as the U.K. Running Lab. They recently moved into their brand new facility on Rose St and the lab founder, Dr. Brian Noehren along with the lab coordinator, Chelsea Beegan were on hand to give me the grand tour. Not only did I get to see the inner workings of the facility but they offered me the opportunity to go through a full running gait evaluation on their state of the art equipment. What follows is a brief description of this gait analysis.

The Prep



It takes a lot of these little reflective dots to get you set up for the testing. I had several front and back from just below my neck to my shoes. These are for the 3-D analysis and are picked up by several cameras that surround the treadmill I will be running on.

The Test

runninglabtreadmill1  runninglabcomputers1


Here you can see the treadmill along with the cameras that will be recording me. The treadmill is actually two separate treadmills, each running side by side at the same speed. The treadmill is very firm with no deflection so they can measure ground force contact while I run. On the right is the bank of computers that will be recording and analyzing the data.




Let the testing begin. The testing portion is pretty straightforward. Get on the treadmill, warm up until you are comfortable, then do a brief session of 8 min/mile pace running. This is the pace they normally ask for when gathering data for the 3-D analysis.



Here is another shot from the rear camera. You get a really good view of what your foot is doing upon foot strike from this angle. This is where you can really see any pronation or supination in your foot.

Post Test



After the testing is complete Dr. Noehren will sit down with you to talk about your running form. For people who are dealing with running related injuries this is where he can point out issues in your form that might be the cause of these problems. The 3-D analysis takes more time so the those results will be sent to me later.


They are recording with a 200fps camera so the slow and stop motion are both very, very detailed.

Final Thoughts

The BioMotion Lab is a great resource for the local running community but one I think very few people know about. They host a runner’s clinic the second Friday of each month when anyone can schedule an appointment to come in and get professional help with any running related injury (insurance accepted). You can also schedule an appointment with Dr. Noehren for a full gait evaluation much like I received. The cost of the gait analysis is $150 payable with cash or check.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for the running clinic contact Kim West at 859-218-0584.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for the gait analysis contact Dr. Brian Noehren at

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