Wellness Clinics

John’s Run/Walk shop recognizes the importance of health and wellness which is why we offer FREE wellness clinics to all Central Kentucky businesses, churches or civic groups. We will work with your Human Resources Department or Wellness Committee to design a walking or running program that fits the specific needs of your company or organization. Our experienced, professional staff are available to provide your members with educational lectures, demonstrations, and advice based on your needs.¬†We can also touch on subjects related to orthotics and footwear for work. The staff at John’s are eager to help your group promote a healthy lifestyle which can in turn produce a more enthusiastic and productive workforce.


Our basic clinic for beginner walkers and runners is presented by Mike Acord. Mike is a longtime employee of John’s who has coached our beginner training programs for the past few years. Mike will address the following subjects at his beginner clinics:
– The physiology of exercise and why it is important.
– How to start slowly and avoid injury.
– Why goal setting is important.
– How running with a group can keep you motivated.
– Proper equipment.
– Injury avoidance and treatment.
– A formal 10 week 5K training plan.

If you are interested in utilizing this free service email mike@johnsrunwalkshop.com.

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