Where to Run – Shillito Park

Shillito Park is located on Reynolds Road between Nicholasville Road and Clays Mill.

The loop around the park is 2.37 miles. The route is good both for scenery and watching sports. The trail winds through tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, and sometimes kids playing soccer.

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There are many different places to park, but if you plan on meeting friends, the easiest parking lots to identify are at the north and south ends of the trail. If you come in from Reynold’s Road, there is a little parking lot on the right, immediately before the trail crosses the road. The other large parking lot is at the south end of the park by the baseball fields.


The trail at Shillito Park is a loop and you can travel in either direction. It is typical elevation for the Lexington area. Half of the trail has lots of wooded green space. There are areas that are shaded. And you could even take a little break and play some frisbee golf.

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The other half of the trail runs along the road through the park. There are several places where the trail crosses the road. Pedestrians have a stop sign at these crossings. They are well marked and have speed bumps close by to keep traffic slow.

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Options for additional miles:

  • Simply turn around and run the trail in the opposite direction. The loop feels different when ran in reverse.
  • From the north entrance, you can follow the trail to Reynolds Road. If you turn left, you can hook up with the trail around the dog park.
  • From the south entrance, you can add distance by running in the neighborhood

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