Where to Run – The Brighton Rail Trail

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The Brighton Rail Trail is around 3.7 miles out and back. Parking is available at the beginning of the trail behind the Hamburg Liquor Barn and in the middle at Pleasant Ridge Park. The trail distance from the beginning to the trail to the dead-end at Walnut Grove is about 1.8 miles.

From the parking lot behind Liquor Barn, black fences help mark the beginning of the trail. You will climb a few wide stairs and then follow the path down a paved street. The trail narrows at .2 miles and becomes closed to traffic.

The trail runs between two neighborhoods, flanked on both sides by backyards. The hills are very small and rolling. Walkers, runners, kids, bikes, strollers, and dogs will keep you company on this stretch of the trail.

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.75 miles in, you’ll cross Pleasant Ridge Drive at Pleasant Ridge Park. You can access restroom facilities at the park. Plenty of parking here also makes it a popular spot to access the trail. Continue along the trail by going under Interstate 75.

The section of the trail between Pleasant Ridge Park and Walnut Grove is very flat and nicely shaded. Take caution when crossing the trail at Polo Club Boulevard.

The trail from the park to Walnut Grove is approximately 1.1 miles. Turn around when the trail ends and head back to Liquor Barn for a 3.75 mile jaunt.

Options for additional miles:

  • At the end of the trail, turn left on Walnut Grove and travel toward Winchester Road.
  • At the end of the trail, turn right onto Deer Haven. Turn right on Polo Club. Pick the trail back up on Polo Club.
  • Add distance on either Polo Club or Pleasant Ridge.

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