Where to Run: Woodland Park

Woodland Park is located between downtown and John’s Run/Walk Shop on South Ashland. This 19-acre park sits on High Street between Kentucky Avenue and Clay Avenue. The park is just a 1/4 mile walk from our South Ashland Shop and the loop within the park measures about .62 miles.  Woodland3  

Woodland Park houses a pool, a baseball field, basketball courts, tennis courts, a skate park, a playground, and a gazebo. Parking is available off-street and there is a small parking lot off Kentucky Avenue (across from The Press Juice Bar).


Woodland Park is a nice place to run or walk. Lots of the park is shaded. Because the loop is shorter, you can visit the park with runners of different paces and still feel like you are running together as you see each other through the park. The park is also good for running repeats, trying to run each lap slightly faster than the last.


For additional mileage:

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