Product Review – Ultimate Direction Endure

A frequent question we get asked this time of year at John’s is “How can I carry fluid when I run?”. We’re at the peak of summer heat here in Kentucky and it just happens to coincide with the middle of half marathon/marathon training for a lot of you out there. We carry a few […]

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Running on Vacation

How to Run on Vacation   We’ve all been there, on vacation or traveling for work but needed to get a few training runs in. Most of the time we just end up doing loops near the hotel or taking the elevator to the hotel gym for a tour of the weight room via treadmill. […]

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New Shoe Review – HOKA Clifton

Welcome to the New Shoe Review, a new segment on our blog where our shoe buyer explains every new and updated model we receive at John’s Run/Walk Shop.   When I first put on the HOKA Clifton, I immediately felt the difference. Running in the Clifton is like a dream. I didn’t want to stop! It’s light like […]

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Ladies love it too!

Top 10 First-Time Marathon Mistakes

Top 10 First-Timer Marathon Mistakes   In working with a many runners over the years and experiencing training for a marathon myself, I know that a marathon can be a very fulfilling event. That said, I also know that poor preparation can turn what should be an “enjoyable” experience into a horrible march of death. […]

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The Fab 50 – The Best Non-Marathon Race in each State

If you’ve been in the running world for a while, you’ve probably heard of the 50 States Marathon Club. This club is for people who have run a marathon in each of the 50 states. During John’s Running Vacation this past weekend, one of our campers mentioned the brilliant idea of doing the same thing with a […]

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Confessions of a Former Pro Runner

  I wanted to break from the typical discussions and just lay out and easy read on a question I get often, “How do the pros train?” While my history does not speak for all pro runners, it should give you a glimpse into the training life of a professional distance runner. To do this I […]

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